All packages can be customized to your liking with the options of a payment plan and sliding scale. Please book a consultation or email for more information or questions. Bookings operate on a 1st come 1st serve basis. 

Schedule a free consultation 

Before becoming your doula, let us chat to ensure we are a perfect fit. This 30min to 45min meeting will give us time to discuss the services I provide, discuss your plans for your child's birth, and how I can help you have an amazing birthing experience. This meeting is also a great time to ask questions, so bring a notebook and a pen.

The Golden Heart package $800

  • Two in-person prenatal visit(s) (3-4 hours).

  • Birth wishes (plan) and Postpartum Plan building (partner or support person included. Crisis Safety plan building if applicable.

  • Call/Text/Email/video chat support throughout pregnancy

  • Comfort techniques for labor (partner included)

  • Continuous education and info-graphic handouts

  • On call availability (24/7) from 38weeks until birth (email and phone).

  • Immediate Postpartum support up to two hours after birth (based on birthing place policy)

  • Two 3-4 hour postpartum visit(s) 2+ weeks after birth

Doula support.jpg
"She's like my mom but amplified!"

The Heart and Soul Package  $700

  • One in-person prenatal visit (3-4hrs)

  • Finalizing your birth-wishes/postpartum plan/crisis safety plan (if applicable).

  • Call/Text/Email support throughout pregnancy

  • Go over comfort techniques for labor (partner included)

  • Continuous education and info-graphic handouts

  • On call availability (24/7) from 38weeks until birth (email and phone).

  • Immediate Postpartum support up to 2hrs after labor (based on birthing place visitor policy).

  • One Postpartum visit (3-4 hrs) 2+ weeks after birth 

The Virtual Heart $550-$600

  • Birth wish/Postpartum plan building. Crisis safety plan building (if applicable)

  • (1-2) Prenatal video calls and continuous support.

  • On call starting at 38 weeks until birth (24/7) text and email

  • Continuous education and info-graphics

  • Video/text support during labor (home or hospital).

  • Email/Text support and education during course of care.

  • (1-2) postpartum video calls.

The Birth Only $575

  • Doula on-call at 38 weeks until birth (only)

  • Labor and Delivery and immediate Postpartum up to 2hrs (based on birthing place policy). 

  • Text/Email/Facetime throughout the course of care

  • Access to extensive birth knowledge and resources

  • Must take a child birth education course before I going on call (38weeks).

  • If you are more than an hour away and would like Birth Only Support please add $75 to the total amount. 

Hearts Around Town $1000-$1200

You love Petit Coeur Birthing, LLC but live in a different city/state or over an 1hr away from a based city (Tampa/Dallas) and would love in person support? Do not worry, this "Around Town" package would be great for you. This package will include: 

  • Birth wish/Postpartum plan building. Crisis safety plan building (if applicable)

  • 1-2 Prenatal Visits (3-4hrs)

  • Comfort techniques for labor (partner included)

  • Continuous education and info-graphics

  • On-call availability starting at 38 weeks until birth 

  • Immediate Postpartum support up to 2hrs (based on hospital policy)

  • 1-2 postpartum visit 2+ weeks after birth (3-4hrs)


Bereavement Support (Available the End of Summer)

  • To provide support to families experiencing any birth outcome and provide support for birth in any trimester in person or virtually.

Certifying with StillBirthDay

Planned Belly (Cesarean) Birth Support $600

  • 1-2 prenatal visits (comfort measures, birth plans etc.)

  • Communication via email and/or text throughout course of care; 24/7 support starting at (37 weeks)

  • Dedicated labor support 

  • Basic breastfeeding assistance/bottle support

  • 1 Postpartum visit 1-2 weeks after birth

As your doula I am here to support you and your partner/support.

What else is included in the birth packages?

  • Small gift item(s) of appreciation.

  • Herbal Tea mixtures. **based on the discretion/needs of client and packages chosen**

  • Yoga mat for labor position(s)/pain management exercises to practice at home. ** based on package chosen**

  • Soup for Postpartum support (Based on package chosen)

  • An after birth snack and drink bag.

  • Videos to watch as reference on what was practiced or talked about during prenatal visits. ** based on package of chosen**

  • Continuous education and research by your doula pertaining to questions and concerns

  • *Birth only will receive an after birth snack and drink bag with herbal tea**

  • **Planned Belly Birth will receive herbal tea mixtures or salves with an after birth snack & drink bag**

  • Taxes are included in each package

** Important** If you are booking 34weeks or later please add an additional $150 for short notice booking. 

How to obtain help towards funding Doula support?

  • During your consultation ask about payment plans available.

  • Add funding a doula to your baby registry.

  • Apply for The Petit Coeur Birthing, LLC annual Doula package give-away (application opens January 5th and closes January 11th)

  • Create a budget ex: $20-$25 a week to afford your birth support.

  • Ask if scholarships are available for funding Doula support.

  • See if your insurance covers Doula support (Also make sure the doula is accepting insurance).

  • Ask your Doula if they offer sliding scale based on income.

  • You deserve a Doula!

Placenta Encapsulation $300

  • 100-250 capsules of your placenta

  • Pick-up from hospital (make sure you have signed an organ release form) or home 

  • Placenta capsules or all chocolates

  • Placenta Tincture or 1 Dozen chocolates

  • Umbilical cord keepsake if possible

  • Placenta print 

  • Delivery of finished product

  • Add ons described in contract. 

**IMPORTANT** If you are booking 36weeks or later, please add an additional $100 to the final price For short notice booking.

Birth Pool Rental $250

  • Regular size birth pool

  • Water pump

  • Disposable liner

  • Air pump

  • Universal Water Faucet Adapter 

  • If Drop off, Pick up. or both is requested please add an additional $40 ($20 for each).  

  • If you are not a client requesting a Birth Pool for your birth $300 (Tax not included)