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More ways to help support you!

Please stay tuned for more information regarding scholarships, fundraisers and donation drives. In the mean time, please read the sections below. 

Doula Support Scholarships

Here at Petit Coeur Birthing, LLC, I am all about helping those in need. I want to give everyone the possibility of having a doula they deserve. We will soon be offering Doula Service Scholarships which will help off set the cost of having Doula support at your birth. These scholarships will be on NEED basis and will come in the form of partial or full. You will have to apply to be considered, but please understand that these scholarships are based on donations received to help others and if you truly need financial assistance. Information regarding how to apply will be released when scholarships are available. You may consult with me about payment plans and sliding scales. 

There will be one annual Doula support package give-a-way with a value of $900 and a potential to receive 30% off a basic Doula support package. This will be announced with more details in January and will have a limited time to apply. 

We look forward to assisting you during your birth and helping achieve a positive birthing experience. 

Donate to help Petit Coeur Birthing, LLC help birthers and families in need.

At Petit Coeur Birthing, LLC I strive to help all birthers and families in need. My goal is to help every birthing person who request my assistance, but in some cases, booking a doula can present a financial strain. I took some time to think of ways to help those that may need some financial assistance in obtaining Doula Support at their birth. The idea resulted in offering scholarships from donations provided. Each donation will help provide services to all those who would love a Doula by their sides because everyone is deserving of a Doula. No amount is too small and each contribution is greatly appreciated as it will go towards paying for doula services to those that request assistance.


As a thank you for your donation we would also like to recognize you for wanting to help, but understand that remaining anonymous should be respected as well. Please fill out this form and click the link to donate towards helping birthers and families in need. 

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