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My name is Dominique Cribb and I am the founder and owner of Petit Coeur Birthing, LLC. 

I love and enjoy learning. With an education background, the will to learn and teach comes naturally and wanting the best outcome for others is second nature. I strive for expertise in my field as birth worker. I have taken classes to further my knowledge on breastfeeding and assisting breastfeeding persons in need. I enhanced my knowledge on herbal medicine and offering alternatives and holistic ways of helping birthing individuals before, during and after pregnancy. I have enrolled myself to learn more on nutritional health and pregnancy and being able to aid during my support time. I have taken the initiative in learning more on how to aid birthing individuals and partners in crisis situations and personal ability (disability or impairments) . I feel compelled to educate birthing persons and their families about their options and choices regarding their births and reaching new points in advocacy within themselves. 

"It is all thanks to you for showing me how and what to do to best support my wife."
- Ralph
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Why the name Petit Coeur

"Petit Coeur" in French means little heart.

As a doula I strive to bring little hearts into the world and assist families during their birthing experience.


As I work within the field of birth work awareness needs to be made about maternal health, specifically black maternal and infant health. I will not be silent on statistical fact that "the black infant mortality rate being about two times white infants" ( In addition, the black maternal mortality rate being higher at 3-4x the rate of our white counter parts. Our little heart matter too!

By learning that minority women have the highest rate of late or no prenatal care, is crucial that I inform my clients that no matter how early you are in your pregnancy, prenatal care is vital for you! 

Our mission at Petit Coeur Birthing, LLC to assure you that your needs and wants are heard and the moment your doula walks through that door you instantly relax and become ready to tackle all obstacles and challenges that may come when having your baby. 

Petit Coeur Birthing, LLC is here to assist in prenatal visits, support and education by advocating for little hearts waiting to enter the world. I want all birthing persons to know that it's your body and your baby. It should always be that way. 


"She's like my mom, but amplified!'