Petit Coeur Birthing, LLC

Hello and welcome! Petit Coeur Birthing, LLC. Petit Coeur Birthing offers Birth and Bereavement (Loss) Support.
Dominique, SBD is here to provide support to you and your family experiencing any birth outcome. 

Why I Doula.
I Doula because I want to help birthing individuals and their partners, families and loved ones during a special and momentous time in their lives. 
I Doula because there is a maternal health gap that needs awareness and closed within marginalized groups like: 
  • the black community
  • minority women 
  • women of varying disabilities
  • families within financial hardship
  • partners within the LGBTQ community.
I Doula because I know that my role in assisting individuals during birth is more of a necessity in today's society. 
I Doula because I (a doula) am a person who understands the natural process of birth.
A doula provides the continuity of care, encouragement, education, and ultimately non-medical support for birthing persons and their partners, families and loved ones.
I am thrilled that you are considering me to become and be a part of your birthing experience. 
Read more within this article from the Florida Courier and a client testimony:

Dominique Cribb, SBD: Traveling Birth and Bereavement Doula
Available to travel land or sky to a city or state near you.
Main areas of services Tampa, Florida; Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas. 

"I appreciate your support! Without you, I probably would not have had the perfect latch and positive breastfeeding and bonding experience ."                    - Bri
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2023 Birth Support is now available

1 Birth per month (exceptions can be made for additional births)

3 Placenta Encapsulations per month

All of 2023

1-2 Births per month

2Virtual supports a month

3 Placenta Encapsulations

1st come 1st serve basis


1 Birth

3 Placenta Encapsulations


Booked for birth support

3 Placenta Encapsulation 


3 Placenta Encapsulations


Booked for Birth Support

3 Placenta Encapsulations


1 Birth 

3 Placenta Encapsulations

Every pregnancy, labor and birth is different. The one constant is the support every birthing person needs.

Bereavement Support and Childbirth Education classes coming Summer 2022